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July 20, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Integration, API’s and the future of InsurTech

One of the core beliefs at ClientDesk is “always be integrating.” This mantra fuels the advancement of our product through collaboration and innovation and is truly the key to building relevant software for today’s needs and future demands.

In the insurance market, BMS solutions are the backbone of a successful brokerage. The BMS can be looked upon as the first major advancement in the digitization of an insurance brokerage. While no technology or market is perfect and there may shortcomings, there can be little argument that the BMS is an effective and essential tool for a brokerage.

Integration can be complicated, and there are consistently unique challenges for all parties but remaining committed to the process clearly demonstrates a willingness to help brokers and their clients move forward and advances the industry towards a truly digital marketplace.

Why is integration important?

Digital efficiency is the answer. API’s help to create standards that can make one data set, accessible to millions of different tools. Referencing an article published in 2016, here are a few advantages of integration and how working with vendors that leverage API’s will set your brokerage up for the future.

  • Advanced data exchange capabilities
  • Advanced data analytics capabilities
  • New sources of customer information

Successful integration at work.

ClientDesk and Power Broker have worked together for 18 months to build a self-synchronizing integration that uses API’s to pull an XML that sends all customer personal and policy data to the ClientDesk Web Service in a scheduled or on-demand manner. This is a real-time integration that can communicate both ways. Power Broker uses the latest date and time stamped data whenever a customer or policy is updated or newly entered. Every data element shown on the 4 customer screens and the CASL anti-spam record are sent to ClientDesk. Every policy and their complete details are sent to ClientDesk; this includes all Lines of Business and all Insurance Companies.

Integration Features Digitized for Broker & Consumer Access on the ClientDesk Platform

  • Full Customer Details
  • Personal Lines – Auto & Property
    • Integration ready for All Lines of Insurance
  • Previous Claims History
  • Complete Accounting Information such as Invoices, Payments, Refunds, Payment Schedules and more
  • Document Access: eDOCs are automated with the initial and daily sync of the integration
    • Power Broker has built a utility that allows brokerages to configure exactly what kind of other stored documents to send on a daily basis to ClientDesk
  • 2-way Integration: Activity Logs and Abeyances are sent back to Power Broker through ClientDesk API’s

Although we have made significant progress, there is still so much more to come. In the not too distant future, ClientDesk will integrate with leading payment processing technologies to pave the way for more timely and accurate premium payment. ClientDesk also has additional collaborations mapped out to service commercial insurance certificates which will require the cooperation of several leading solution providers and this is where our “always be integrating” philosophy will again help keep our partners and clients a step ahead.



Article & Image Source: LetsTalkPayments